Wednesday, January 21, 2009


7 of 365

One week down!
Today was the beginning of of phase 3 of Hallmark, which should be very challenging, but I am excited, I know I will learn and grow a lot in the next couple months! Many things are changing in my life right now, my relationship with Jesus is growing stronger. And I am thankful for the hope and peace that He gives me in hard times. I am trying to be more positive and look at things from different perspectives. And I am amazed of all the good that comes from tough situations.
I composed this self portrait to represent my life right now and what I am going through. The light is Jesus, which is the brightest part in my life and the darkness around me is the world....all the things that distract me. I am striving to stay in the light and be open to whatever God has planned for me.

taken with a Nikon D3 at 6400iso

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