Friday, January 30, 2009


24 of 365

Today has went very well so far! I took an executive portrait of Gary Swegan and some photos of Cycle works for a project aaand got to hang out with my lovely girlfriend Jamie : ) We had subway, hung out with Kerry, Darin, and Becky then went to Gounds for Thought...which was good. I got to take a lot of photos of Jamie that I really like and will put up on my blog. I am really enjoying my time at home and I cannot wait to be home for good! God has really blessed me with an awesome girlfriend, loving family, and caring friends!
Tonight I will be hanging out with my family : ) and just relaxing!

this photo was taken with a Nikon D3 in Grounds for Thought by Jamie Hoke...shes a sweet photographer ; )


23 of 365

Sorry it took so long to post my self portrait, I did take it yesterday but I got home late and don't have a computer to use. So I had to wait til now to use my brothers computer.
Yesterday was an awesome day!! most of you guys don't know but I went home Tuesday which is a 12 hr drive! I got home Tuesday night at 8 and hung out with my family! The next day I did some projects for school and got stuck in the snow a lot! lol
I was planning on surprising Jamie, so I went over to her parents house and sat in her room she came home 15 min later and she was really really surprised. She opened the door, screamed then shut the door and ran away! I followed her out into the hallway and the 1st thing she said to me was "aren't you missing your classes! lol she cracks me up. The night went very well, we had mr spots, watched american idol with her parents, and got to talk a lot! It was really good to see her AND we're dating again : ) I love her a lot and I am so thankful to have in my live!

taken with a Nikon D3 in Jamie's bathroom...sorry about the quality, it was edited with iphoto. My laptops charger doesn't work : (


22 of 365

I am sooo tired today and didn't have the energy to take a sweet photo! So here it is! I cannot wait for winter to be done! I am tired of snow, ice, a unplowed drive way and roads(mass doesn't believe in plowing roads lol), -19 degree mornings and so on.... I can't wait for spring : )
Today was a long day and I am looking forward to tomorrow! I hope you all are doing well and I will have a much better photo tomorrow!

taken with a canon g10

Monday, January 26, 2009


21 of 365

I am sooo tired today. I have been really busy getting projects done and scheduling/planing this coming week! Tomorrow is going to be a long day but I can wait til Wednesday when I have less to do!
I'm having one of those days when I could fall asleep at any moment....I've taken many naps on this couch and I wish I had the time for a nap today! ....don't have much time today to write much BUT I'll have more these next couple days!

this was taken with Nikon D3!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


20 of 365

Today has been a really good day so far! I went to church, worked out, got my business card pretty much done, aaand scheduled some shoots for the week! And I plan on finishing my stationary tonight and relax!
This photo was taken on the Green river which flows into the Connecticut river. The whole river was frozen and you can see people ice fishing way behind me. It was kinda scary going out on the ice at 1st lol, I told Tyler that if I fell in to take a photo 1st then help me out.

Taken with a Nikon D3, 24-70mm by Tyler S.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


19 of 365

JUMP shot!! it's 33 degrees here in Mass which is warm! lol this is a photo in front of my house in Millers Fall, ma.
I realized a lot of my self portraits are really dark and moody images but that's not me! Yes, life gets tough, crappy things happen but everything happens for a reason and I have to trust God that things will work out for good. I'm thankful and excited about life and my future! I am really enjoying my time here at Hallmark, I'm meeting a lot of great people and learning a ton! But at the same time I cannot wait to graduate and and start working! Most of all I can't wait to go back home and see friends and family, I love and miss them a lot!

I hope you all have a great Saturday!

taken with a Nikon D3/16mm lens, thanks for the help tyler!

Friday, January 23, 2009


18 of 365

This is shot was taken in my living room in Millers Falls, Ma. I have always liked window light shots, I really like how the image is split in half between light and darkness.
I am kind of overwhelmed with a lot of things right now. I have sooo many projects to do, have to find models, make a business plan, and many other personals things. I know once I get started with shooting things will get better and I do have a general idea for a business plan but there are a lot of things that are out of my hands. I just have to trust God.
I am very excited for the weekend tho, I don't have any plans but hopefully I can get some work done and have some fun too!

taken with a Nikon D3, thanks for the Help Tyler

Thursday, January 22, 2009


17 of 365

This is a photo of me on my Macbook Pro in my living room. I've realized I spend waaaay to much time on the computer! Checking facebook, photoblog, youtube, email, photo sites and so on. It is taking time away from more important things in my life. I should be reading more, doing homework, praying, talking friends at home and CLEANING MY ROOM! lol So if you see me on facebook tell me to get off!

taken with s Sony a700

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


16 of 365

I got the idea for this self portrait from one of my favorite movies Fight Club. Tyler took the photo and I photoshoped everything in.

Today was a loooong day and I am excited to just relax this evening. I might read some more of Blue Like Jazz and I need to do a lot of laundry too! I hope all of you guys are doing well and hopefully tomorrow I have more to say!


15 of 365

I love fire! ...don't try this at home!

Today was a really long day!! ...I am very tired and don't feel well : ( this has nothing to do with the photo....I just thought it'd be a sweet photo.

This photo reminds me of summer time at home when we have a camp fires and just hang out as a family. Me, my brothers and Dad always mess around with fire and fire crackers. I really miss home, I cannot wait til summer!

this photo was taken with a Nikon D3 by Chris Pino!


14 of 365

I didn't really have any great ideas today so I asked Jamie for some and scrabble was her idea, thanks Jame! And yes this scrabble board is bigger than normal, it's super scrabble, Jamie got it for me last year!

all the words relate to my life in some way. Lately I have been very thankful for the people God has put into my life, I have very loving and supportive friends and family. I don't know what I'd do with out them!

...if you guys ever have any ideas for a self portrait let me know.

taken with Nikon D3 + 2 flashes


13 of 365 .....sorry but it cuts some of the video off... : (

This is around 1300 photos of me sleeping put into a time lapse that spanned around a 7 hr time period. I used a Nikon D3 on interval shooting mode.


12 of 365

This is a photo of my desk which is pretty clean for me. This is how i feel sometimes here at Hallmark...i'm stuck at the computer working on soo many projects! Sometimes I just need a break from it all! If theres one thing I disagree with Hallmark is that they believe we should constantly be busy, taking photos, editing, thinking of new ideas, doing personal projects and so on. I really think they should encourage us to take a couple days off to fill our lives with something other than photography, this way we'll come back more inspired and motivated! This applies to many things in my life, I get carried away and forget about whats in most important in my life. So I've been trying to spend more time in silence(no music, tv, a quiet place) thinking, listening, and praying. It really helps me focus on what's most important in my life and to follow God's plan for me.

Taken with a Nikon D3 + flash


11 of 365

Soooo cold here in Massachusetts!! It was -19 degrees without wind chill earlier today! And when this was taken it was -3! It's been so cold here, me , Tyler, and Chris wear long johns all the time around the house...sometimes I forget I'm wearing them and I'll answer the door, which is awkward : 0. So i figured i'd get a self pic in em!

Today was a pretty good day, I started making my website, added a new pic to my blog, and read a couple more chapters of Blue Like Jazz. And I'm excited for tonight, I'll be eating pizza, playing Super Smash Bros, and hangin out with friends! I hope you all are staying warm!


taken with a nikon d3 by Tyler.


10 of 365

Double digits!!
Today was a very cold but relaxing....I had the 2nd half of the day off again! Yesterday I started reading Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller. I really like the book so far. I'm almost on chapter 5 and will be reading more tonight! Most of you probably know I'm not much of a reader, I'm hooked though! I can relate to so many things in this book but at the same time it's pushing me to think outside of the box! I want to finish it by the end of the weekend. Then I think I'm gonna read Velvet Elvis next. If any of you have read Blue Like Jazz I'd love to talk about it with you and see what you think and what you got out of it?
But thats all for now : )

thanks, Trevor

sony a700


9 of 365

Today has went very well so far! I got done with classes at 2 and have been relaxing here in Millers. I gonna read a chapter or 2 of Blue Like Jazz, which I just got in the mail!
This is my new favorite sweater, it was a Christmas gift from Jamie : ) .....look how messy our living room is lol!

sony a700 and flash in millers falls, ma.


8 of 365

Nothing beats a hot shower on a 10 degree morning! : ) I had the exposure all wrong but I kinda like it! let me know what you think?

taken with a Sony A700 with flash.


7 of 365

One week down!
Today was the beginning of of phase 3 of Hallmark, which should be very challenging, but I am excited, I know I will learn and grow a lot in the next couple months! Many things are changing in my life right now, my relationship with Jesus is growing stronger. And I am thankful for the hope and peace that He gives me in hard times. I am trying to be more positive and look at things from different perspectives. And I am amazed of all the good that comes from tough situations.
I composed this self portrait to represent my life right now and what I am going through. The light is Jesus, which is the brightest part in my life and the darkness around me is the world....all the things that distract me. I am striving to stay in the light and be open to whatever God has planned for me.

taken with a Nikon D3 at 6400iso


6 of 365

Today was pretty good, I went to church in Amhurst, Ma and assisted Josh with a family portrait. This photo was taken in my car, crossing a bridge in Millers Falls. The snow was looked beautiful today, so I was just driving around and listening to music...which was very relaxing.

taken with a Canon 5D with 16mm fish eye


5 of 365

This is in my room in Millers Falls, Ma. I spent a lot of time in my room today just thinking and praying. Chris and Tyler weren't home today so it was very quiet, I really liked the silence. aaand I cleaned my room, it really needed it.

taken with Canon 5D, 16mm, and flash.



very tough day...


3 of 365

this photo really messes with your eyes if you look at it close. the railing is really 6 ft away from the wall but in the pic it looks like it touching the wall.

Shot with Canon 5D with a 16mm and canon flash. Taken in my house in Millers Falls, Ma


2 of 365

got the shirt and tie for Christmas....I was trying to look tough in all black lol

Taken with a Mamiya 645 with aptus 22, lit with two grids from back and a snoot lighting the face.


1 of 365

1st day! me, mike, Konrad,Tobias, and Jude are all doing 365 self portraits.
i really like this shirt

taken with Sony A700 and a flash bouncing of the side wall in my kitchen.