Wednesday, February 18, 2009


44 of 365

I went shopping today, SO I NOW HAVE FOOD IN MY FRIDGE : )

Today was a pretty good day, I picked out the photos I want to put on my web page....which I hope will be up soon, edited some phase 3 pics, AND the past 2 days I have scheduled 4 weddings for this summer, which is awesome! If you guys know anyone who needs, engagement photos, a wedding photographer, senior portraits, family pics, baby pics and sooo on please tell them about me! I am trying to find as much work as possible for this coming year.

This photo was taken in a small local grocery store in Millers Falls, Ma where I buy my orange's cheaper there. I used a Canon 5D with a canon 70-200mm IS lens!

ooohh and it's snowing right now, which I am not happy about : (

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