Monday, February 2, 2009


28 of 365

I have a love hate relationship with my Mamiya 645. I love how sharp it is and how big the files are but that's about it. It's big, heavy, slow, the battery lasts an hr, the back falls off, horrible in low light and sooo on. I like the camera if I am in the studio but that's all...I really think Hallmark should have given us a Nikon D3 instead. The D3 is 3 times cheaper, way more versatile which would allow us to shoot more, and is a way more practical because most us will never use a 645 ever again after Hallmark. Hallmark could have enough 645s for the portrait and commercial studios and some extra to rent out, just think how much money that would save lol! The majority of the people in the morning are in line to get a D-SLR, if we all had a good D-SLR we would shot way more, be able to shoot more over break, and the line would go way done...and I'm sure Tony would like that!
Speaking of D-SLRs, what ever happened with us getting a Canon 5D!?! They told at the beginning of the year we were getting one and now the year is more than half done and we have nothing. Don't get me wrong, I really like it here at Hallmark, I am very thankful for everything I am learning and know I will be successful b/c of Hallmark.

OOHH and I have some good news! I got selected to be in Best of College Photography. ANd the ironic thing is that I entered 5 photos and the one the was selected was the only one not taken with my Mamiya 645. It was taken with a Sony a700.

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